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Desmia / Apr 17, 2020
Konfluens defies the corruption of N’zoth
After we took down Carapace of N’zoth, only one threat remained before us - The Corruptor himself. As we progressed throughout the fight, the thirst for the kill grew ever-higher and we in the end didn’t even require that many pulls and moments of practice on the last phase to realise that a kill was within our reach.

And down he went, on the very last pull of the night. Marking the end of Konfluens progression raiding for this expansion. Now all that is for us to do is re clear and look towards the horizon as we all await the release of the next anticipated expansion; Shadowlands.

We would also like to address how pleased we are with our improvement through this expansion as well - Yet we should not become too complacent in our satisfaction, as we must always strive towards improvements and refinements in our fields as players & guild.

Thank you, our supporters, friends and socials who've been cheering us on through BFA and this raid tier. We hope that you all will be with us in the expansion!

Until then - Stay safe & healthy in these times, and we’ll see you all when World of Warcraft: Shadowlands releases!

Warlock POV:
Desmia / Oct 22, 2019

After suffering a devastating wipe where Azshara was left at 786 hp - The raid quickly recuperated (After coping with said setback, which was a lively and fun spectacle in itself which will not go unremembered.) and then proceeded down Queen Azshara a pull or two right there-after. This time around, the screams were legitimate and warranted through celebration of an encounter defeated.
Now we look towards the future - With Nya'lotha on the horizon and the fact we sort of did a massive 'oopsie' by unleashing N'zoth in the first place. Not to mention there's the overbundance of a good chunky 12 bosses in total in there to beat. Fingers crossed that guilds will have something to do for the forseeable future when the content comes around to being released.
Speaking of which and in total irrelevancy - We managed to achieve world rank 305 and realm 10 on Draenor. A nice nudge in the right direction which we hope towards improving even more, but we'll need to get our hands on the content first to do so.

We will see what the future holds, but until then.
Take care, and have fun in the meanwhile with Blizzcon and the pre-raid release content or whatever it is that you reader do in your spare-time

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