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Desmia / Nov 19, 2018

After a grand total of 224(Which includes all the dumb-dumb misspulls which was probably around ~20 or so) pulls on G'huun we finally managed to bring the slug down. Many thanks to the members who were there for the kill, however- we couldn't have achieved this without the remaining members of our roster who had to sit out due to the fact we can't bring in over 20 members for the encounter.

With this accomplishment we've managed to squeeze into the top 500 in the world. A remarkable improvement from the previous raid tier. Things are also looking even bright for the future ahead.

Now it's full speed ahead for the raid Battle for Dazar'alor. If you so happend to be interested in wanting to be a part of us, and feel that you have what it takes. Fill in an application & check the current interested classes to see if you're eligble. However all classes are up for grabs, it just depends on the calibre of player that you are.

Warlock POV
Priest POV
Paladin POV