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Desmia / Sep 18, 2019

With only ~110 pulls, we managed to down the penultimate and 7th boss of the raid. We are proud over the pace we've managed to pick up and hope to keep this going moving forwards, and with the intent of speeding up even further for the future.
Queen Azshara is up next, and will most likely pose as quite the challenge, but we are confident in our players and our collective capabilities as a raiding team. So she'll eventually go down like the rest.
Stay tuned for further updates!
Zillch / Jun 19, 2019
Heya all!
Just a few words. Last week we finally did it we got the gang together and did the achievement run. Well I gotta say we got a pretty ugly mount. But we had a lot of laughs and an amazing time! Which is what counts of course. We flew through all the achievements. Struggled a little on the first one but we worked out the kinks.
In regards of the overall tier, I wanna thank everyone for their effort. We had a lot of fun and a really good run. Next tier we will be even stronger!
Kind regards
The officer team